Source, Build and Learn

Visitors attend our exhibitions for three key reasons; to source new products and suppliers, to keep abreast with industry and market developments and to network and meet new contacts.

Globalisation allows for greater transparency, comparability and quality and brings us the very best from all over the world. Our market-leading exhibitions are not just to collect business cards they are a rich source of trust, insipiration and guidance and as such, play an important role in strategic planning and business generation.

Vetted will place you at the core of your industry and community, keep you up-to-date with the latest innovations and solutions and provide you with a wealth of networking.

Visiting an Vetted kindles a spark of enthusiasm, casual introductions grow into genuine relationships and most importantly, exhibitions are extremely time-efficient .

You will accomplish more in a day or two – consolidate business relationships, solve specific problems, find new markets, appoint agents/seek principals, obtain technical knowledge and discuss business needs in a neutral environment, than you might otherwise achieve in weeks or months.