Exhibiting at an Vetted event – A sure way to grow your business

Got a passion to increase your sales? There’s no marketing tool more proficient for winning new business than an Vetted exhibition.

If you had to design a marketing medium that’s perfectly suited to relationship building and customer retention, from the ground up, it would probably look remarkably like an exhibition, the most direct form of direct marketing ever.Not only do exhibitions deliver more leads than any other sales tool, they also close sales effectively, maximise your impending pipeline and speed up the sales process. Even in demanding and difficult times, exhibitions work harder for your marketing budget than any other medium.

Discover how participating at an Vetted will benefit your business and ROI.

Why Exhibit?

Vetted will bring you face to face with your target market in an atmosphere of business expectation.

Tips for success

Vetted will work with you to make your exhibition a success.

Grow internationally

Vetted abroad is one of the quickest and most cost-effective ways to reach new export customers

Why a Vetted?

Vetted generate millions of Rands of new business for exhibitors each and every year.